Brand Story

About us

Rikeknife is an original brand designed by our founder Richard Wu. He is a long-time knife enthusiast, with a background in mechanical design and manufacturing, he constantly strives for excellence and detailed perfection in all the knife designs produced by Rikeknife.

The brand name was derived from the first two letters of his name, then changed and named Rike. Rikeknife is an emerging original knife brand that is representative of high-quality Chinese manufacturing.

Our road as a brand is established in original design, for which we have a professional design team and our own independent factory. We dare to become innovators and to challenge the traditional practices of traditional and modern knife brands. We will always strive to use the best materials to produce excellent quality knives for customers all over the world.


Rikeknife Co., ltd is located in Yangjiang, Guangdong Province, China. We focus on producing high quality knives, Starting from the processing of OEM/ODM knives, we have gradually created our own brand Rikeknife. Our factory is equipped with state-of-the-art production equipment, a professional and robust production team, and capabilities for independent innovation through R&D. 

We are capable of producing the highest quality knives for any market, and we use only the best professional production equipment to achieve that objective.  Such as; Wire EDM Precision Cutting, CNC high speed engraving machines, Laser engraving, Milling operations, CNC Grinding, Low Temperature Tempering Furnaces, custom hand finishing work, just to name a few.  Our management, and production teams consists of seasoned professionals that have the expertise to get the job done.  We are properly equipped for delicate work, all the way to the most demanding production and manufacturing requirements.  We hold some of the tightest tolerances in the knife industry; excelling at all levels of production projects.  We are always focused on the design and development of new products while remaining true to our core beliefs .

At present , our products sell in the United States, Europe, Australia, Russia and other countries around the world. Our customers favor our knives for their superior product design and premium quality. Our mission is to provide products that are high in quality, excellent value, and best-in-class with customer service to bring you 100% satisfaction. At the same time, we welcome the idea of collaborating with customers all over the world to discuss product processing and OEM/ODM.  We sincerely look forward to bringing Rikeknife products to the world stage through cooperation with our current and future customers for a more brilliant future together!

If you are a cutler or designer looking for a well established, experienced team of knife makers, we welcome you to contact us.  We believe in protecting all our clients and their intellectual property, all business discussions are confidential.  We can make as perfect of knife according to you creative designs.  We have rich experience, advanced commercial manufacturing equipment, and a professional team who work efficiently, and with great accuracy on your design.

For New Business Development, and Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM) please contact:


Email: sales@rikeknife.com

Instagram: rikeknife  / rike_knife