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It’s a good time to be a knife fan.  Production knives are becoming so well designed and produced that it is almost hard to get your hands on a sub-par one from a reputable manufacturer. Rike Knife is indeed one of the reputable manufacturing companies, and also the main focus of our review. We had a chance to enjoy the Rike Knife Thor2 in all the glory that is an incredibly well executed integral designed (one piece handle titanium construction) Chinese produced knife.
Rike Knife Co. has now become a major player in the production knife arena. We have previously reviewed the Rike 1507Slimited edition model… results were extremely positive. It is still one of our EDCs in our regular carry rotation. As a Chinese manufacturer, Rike Knife needed to prove that they are not a low level brand – and they already have done this with many resellers clamoring at the chance to offer products of Rike Knife to their customers.
That said, the biggest impact that Rike has been able to have continues to be the ability to create integral folding knives with incredible design, and almost incomparable pricing. The Rike Knife Thor2 is no different; in fact it may set the bar in affordable high end quality production integral design flippers. Advancing on the original Rike Thor, the Thor2 is available in several model variants allowing for a slew of color and finishing types.

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