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Rike Knife is indeed based out of China, and is unbashful about that fact. In this ever increasing wave of high end production Chinese knives to hit US shores, several manufactures have been attempting to out-position each other as the preeminent company to trust and purchase from out of the Asian Pacific region. We have seen such brands as Kizer and Reate Knives among others, who have found mainstream appeal with predominately favorable customer opinions and success. Rike knife makes no qualms about wanting to be part of that success story in a big way.

Rike Knife has been putting out high end production knives in the United States for about a year now (and that timeline might even be generous). In that time they have brought forth several different models, and variants of those models. Rike has made limited run models (like our 1507s), and standard production models, sheepsfoot blade models, integral models, and a host of others in a very short time span.

The one thing that can be said for all of them is that the materials used, and the quality of production is as high as any other top tier manufacturer in the world. Dare I say perhaps even slightly better… hmm, we shall see? Innovative design and extremely high levels of quality control make this an extremely legitimate and worthwhile brand to consider within the premium production folding knife arena.

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